Mary Beth Perrow

Mary Beth Perrow

Training Instructional Designer

Mary Beth designs and develops online training deliverables to increase access to Talentism’s IP. She also oversees the Learning Management System, which houses a growing library of online training – improving the breadth, efficiency, and quality of Talentism’s overall learning experience.

Prior to Talentism, Mary Beth spent 20+ years in the corporate sector in the field of Instructional Design – analyzing, designing, developing, and implementing global, strategic, and innovative training solutions for large companies, such as The Walt Disney Company, Raytheon, and General Motors Corporation.

Mary Beth is a licensed RTT® Practitioner (Rapid Transformational Therapy). Leaning on her professional experience as a Instructional Design leader, she envisioned a business in which she could blend both of her skill sets to teach individual clients how to live the life of their dreams by freeing them from unresolved fears, bad habits, and mental roadblocks – and it was no accident that her journey led her to cross paths with Talentism!

Mary Beth pursued a degree in International Communications from Northern Michigan University. She also found alternative methods of learning, including the Mexican Media program at the Universidad Iberoamericana, and the Disney College Program for Media Productions.

Mary Beth lives in Orlando, Florida with her three sons and four cats. She enjoys ballroom dancing, inspirational podcasts, weekend binges of good programming, and traveling. Her compulsions include neuroscience, iD8ing, and all things tech!