Unleash Your Potential

Talentism helps the world’s most ambitious leaders achieve their business goals by systematically turning confusion into clarity.

It’s not about
changing who you are

It’s about seeing
what’s true

Most fast-growing companies fail. We’ve cracked the code on which ones win and how to make you one of them.

Companies that invest in unleashing human potential win in a world where the only consistent way to produce competitive advantage is to learn amidst rapid change. We help executives and teams identify, navigate, and learn through the inevitable confusion arising from change.

Talentism’s IP and methodology have been delivered to over 700 organizations, and are built on disciplines including neuroscience, psychology, evolutionary biology, and adult development theory to help people produce learning cycles, achieve goals, and win.

Our unique approach focuses individuals on self-awareness, business goals, and productive action for faster goal achievement.

What Our Clients Say

CEO, Nasdaq-Listed Company

The Talentism team has an uncanny ability to cut through the nonsense and deliver you and your team advice that is immediately actionable and effective.

This is a powerful combination for organizations of all sizes. I would recommend them without hesitation to everyone except my direct competitors.

CEO, PE Portfolio Company

I worked with several coaches in the past but was attracted to Talentism’s fact-based “get real” approach. It’s been exactly that – a complete overhaul of my own perspective on management and communication, a major leap forward in aligning my team. I’ve adopted a more evolved approach that leverages my skills to their fullest, and others’ strengths.

Founding Partner, PE Firm

Several of our CEOs immediately engaged Talentism after hearing them present at this year’s CEO Offsite to help them address management team challenges and ways to increase team productivity. I’d recommend them to any CEO or PE investor trying to maximize value out of the senior management team and optimize the bottom line.

CEO, Fintech Start-up

Talentism aligned our design and talent in a way that rapidly increased business performance and employee engagement. They taught my executive team new ways of managing and thinking about people.

I highly recommend their services to companies that are struggling to meet their goals.

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