Talentism OS

Which organizations win? The ones that invest in learning and the potential of their people. Talentism helps the world’s most ambitious leaders achieve their business goals.

Achieve your potential, achieve your goals.

Talentism focuses executives’ limited attention on the most salient risks and leverage points for their company’s success. Our system integrates individual coaching with organization-wide diagnostics to accelerate learning and help companies achieve their goals.

Learning is the only way that organizations can produce sustained competitive advantage in an ever-changing business landscape. Our system helps the world’s most ambitious leaders achieve their business goals by systematically unleashing human potential at scale. 

We’ve proven that actualizing and aligning human potential results in better business outcomes. This is what it looks like by the numbers.


average client IRR


average client returns after our services *


of our new clients come
from client referrals



*Return on capital relative to average venture capital fund returns of 3.5x

Talentism deploys highly-trained, expert Clarity Coaches, equipped with advanced data to ensure that our clients identify and solve their most impactful problems and achieve their most important goals quickly, uncovering key learnings about themselves along the way.

We use the latest science and design thinking to ensure that our clients can unleash their potential, without trying to change who they are. Talentism’s proprietary system can be deployed at scale as a company grows. It includes a combination of 1:1 and group coaching, innovative data tools that measure operational health and leadership behaviors, and management training, thoughtfully implemented to best suit the needs of your organization.

Talentism OS is made up of two primary components: Executive Leadership Coaching, and 360 Behavioral Insights. When necessary, organizations supplement with our bespoke Advanced Solutions.

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Talentism’s methodology is built on disciplines including neuroscience, psychology, evolutionary biology, and adult development theory. Talentism coaches use our research-backed methods to support leaders through IPOs, Series C/D raises, mergers, acquisitions and the complexity that comes with rapid scale.

360 Behavioral Insights

Our suite of data tools measures the degree of alignment across an organization in goals, leadership, management, and culture. Unlike typical surveys which report sentiment, our 360 Behavioral Insights report captures behavior: a better outcome predictor that helps identify the best action to take. Clients learn what salient, real-time risks exist across their teams and organization to find root cause solutions.

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“I’ve had the good fortune to work with Talentism for over 10 years through three separate sales. It would be hard to overstate the impact they have had on those outcomes. Talentism helped our executives and managers identify problems faster than I expected, with solutions that made sense and helped us stay agile during growth and confusion, saving us time and money. I look forward to working with them on #4 in the future!”

Scott DePetris

President, Drawbridge, former President, Portware and COO, Broadway Technology