Clarity Coaching

Leadership coaching shouldn’t be about incremental improvement in discrete skills, or giving you a place to vent. To help you and your organization win, you must learn to see yourself clearly and design for your strengths effectively.

Find Greatness from the Inside Out

At Talentism, we care about measurable impact. That’s why we don’t waste time by trying to change who you are. We help you learn to see yourself clearly, and design for yourself effectively. Fix today’s problems, prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities – rapid learning is how you and your organization will win.

Research-backed, proven methodology.

Talentism’s IP and methodology have been delivered to over 800 organizations. Our coaches are trained and certified in Talentism’s Clarity Coaching methodology to support leaders through IPOs, Series C/D raises, mergers, acquisitions, and the complexity that comes with rapid scale.

Clients are paired with a Clarity Coach, based on their role, level of experience, and various factors collected through the intake process. The coaching arc begins with an interview to understand the executive’s origin story and current business goals. Between sessions, the executive is responsible for logging their challenges. The coach uses evidence from coaching discussions and other sources (see Clarity Data Insights) to help the executive diagnose their challenges, gain greater self awareness, take personal responsibility, and put more effective organizational and operational designs into place.

Continuity and compounding from session to session puts the executive on a steeper trajectory toward their goals. This methodology is not based on coach-client chemistry or a particular coach’s experience and insight. It is a proprietary system, delivered by certified coaches and an app, that can be deployed at scale as a company grows.

Design for productive action, get better outcomes.

Clarity Coaching is integral to executives learning to see themselves clearly, and is driven by learning loops, evidence-based tracking, and running experiments. The premise is proven out by the thousands of leaders that Talentism has successfully worked with: in aligning with their talent and purpose, individuals are able to achieve increasingly complex business goals and better outcomes, by designing for productive action and what they are like.

As a key component to the Talentism OS, coaching – supported by Clarity Data Insights (CDI) – Talentism’s clients develop:

  • A clearer picture of their thought patterns and behavior
  • The ability to recognize their confusion and use it as a catalyst to design strategic experiments to better understand themselves, key stakeholders and their current context
  • Tools to design systems that take into account what is true about themselves and those around them
  • Awareness of how to take personal responsibility to move towards clarity, and achieve goals more quickly
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“I worked with several coaches in the past but was attracted to Talentism’s fact-based “get real” approach. It’s been exactly that – a complete overhaul of my own perspective on management and communication, a major leap forward in aligning my team. I’ve adopted a more evolved approach that leverages my skills to their fullest, and others’ strengths.”


CEO, PE Portfolio Company