Clarity Data Insights (CDI)

Clarity Data Insights helps you see inside your organization to uncover the leading indicators of future failure. With Talentism, you’ll learn to address issues and chart the path to better outcomes and organizational excellence.

Organizational excellence is built on data

Talentism’s suite of data tools measures the degree of alignment across an organization on goals, leadership, management, and culture. Confusion or unspoken disagreement in these areas are leading indicators of future operational failure that can derail an organization. Unlike surveys which report sentiment, CDI captures behavior which is a better outcome predictor that helps identify the best course of action.

Through CDI, you can learn what salient, real-time risks exist across your teams and organization to find root cause solutions. You will be able to:

  • See where alignment and misalignment exist in your organization
  • Draw on Talentism’s predictive model to understand the operational outcomes you can expect if misalignment persists
  • Get support in 1:1 coaching and team coaching to drive alignment across your organization

CDI consists of two key elements. The Clarity Pulse Survey (CPS) and 360. Together, these elements collect, assess, and provide real-time insights in a scannable executive dashboard.

Clarity Pulse Survey (CPS)

Our survey collects employee behavioral data on 11 leading indicators of organizational and operational health. Over 9 years and across 800 clients, Talentism has logged the most common root causes of operational and financial performance (from employee clarity on vision and goals, to sense of meaning and trust, to understanding of design and process, and more). 

Our Clarity Pulse Survey report focuses limited executive attention budget on the elements creating the greatest risk, forecasts the probable outcomes if un-remediated, and supports the client and coach to design realistic and effective interventions.


Unlike traditional 360s which provide an inventory of team members’ opinions on an executive, we gather evidence (or lack thereof) against a proprietary set of 70+ leadership and management behaviors, shown to drive organizational alignment and goal achievement or undermine it.

The output provides an executive with the probabilistic outcomes they can expect in the organization  – positive and negative –  if nothing is done. The specificity allows the executive and their coach to target high-impact areas to leverage their positive behaviors and, where behaviors are negatively impacting the team, to put new designs in place to mitigate the suboptimal behaviors.

Tal icon quotes

Thanks to 1:1 and co-founder coaching, 360 reviews, and management training programs, we’ve scaled out across Tia’s leadership, my team and I have been able to conquer new challenges day in and day out, and grow as individuals and leaders in ways that I never imagined.

Carolyn Witte

Co-Founder and CEO, Tia