Our Offerings

Company growth is limited by the rate of learning of its leaders. Talentism helps leaders learn faster. We are an executive coaching platform that approaches business strategy and performance from a rigorous leadership perspective. Our offerings are built on frameworks derived from decades of experience combined with insights from neuroscience, psychology, and evolutionary biology:

Big 4

Unleashing your potential starts with doing work that suits you, in an environment that supports you.

To find yourself there, you must first understand your Big 4 – your Purpose, Opportunity, Talent, and Home.

Enterprise Clarity

Goals, Leadership, Management and Culture are the fundamental components of an organization. Good management requires systematically identifying confusion across these areas, and designing for clarity within them.


Confusion is an ever-present byproduct of growth. How we deal with it determines our ultimate success or failure. Our hard-wiring pulls us toward protection, down a path of Certainty. But it’s only through Clarity that productive progress can occur.

We guide you to examine the challenges you face and create, driving to self-awareness, self-acceptance, and productive action. We help you reframe your approach to achieving goals through the work of others, and equip you with the tools to do so effectively. Our diagnostic offerings measure the degree of alignment across your organization and focus your attention on the most impactful issues.

Executive Coaching

It’s not about changing who you are. It’s about seeing yourself clearly and designing around that effectively


Sharpen your picture of how your behaviors drive or hinder others’ performance with actual evidence

Clarity Pulse Survey

Get a deep read on the root problems across your organization that are leading indicators of operational failure

Group Coaching

Achieve your business goals by exploring the organizational and relational systems between you, your peers, as well as your team

Clarity Management Training

Identify and solve the right problems, accelerate your learning, and take action to drive team performance

Clarity Forum

Join a curated cohort of leaders from other organizations supporting each other on journeys to personal mastery and unleashed potential