Change Is Inevitable

Talentism changes companies and finds meaning in helping people. We believe that most thinking about the potential of both people and businesses is rooted in old, ineffective dogma. A new approach is required, one that is foundational to creating the insights, tools and technology necessary to unleash productive human potential.

Uncertainty is opportunity

Talentism helps the world’s most ambitious leaders achieve their business goals in an ever-changing landscape. While your business challenges may be intractable, they are not inevitable. In fact, they’re your best opportunities. Change your mind, change your method, change your outcomes.


We envision a world where businesses consistently design for people, rather than slotting them into static roles.

We create and deliver insightful and practical solutions that accelerate human and business performance. By unleashing human economic potential, we bend the productivity curve upward, fundamentally changing the economic landscape.

We help leaders understand who they are and how they operate, becoming wiser and more effective stewards of the labor forces that we all depend on. The result is clarity companies: environments that leverage behavior-driven data evidence, focused on goal achievement and sustained excellence.


Jeff Hunter founded Talentism keenly aware of the damage that ill-equipped leaders cause.

We are committed to developing a pragmatic system designed to enable leaders to harness the inherent value of the people who come to work every day.

In the 10 years since our founding, we’ve worked with more than 800 organizations and 4,000+ founders, CEOs and senior executives. We’ve seen again and again that organizations capable of unleashing the power of their people have leaders with a clear-eyed view of human nature, and a willingness to question their perceptions and beliefs in a systematic way.

In the emerging business world, marked by complex uncertainty and massive financial, technological, political and social turmoil, the leaders and organizations that learn fastest will thrive.


Talentism’s IP and methodology are built on disciplines including neuroscience, psychology, evolutionary biology, and adult development theory to help people produce learning cycles, achieve goals, and win.

We are also realistic about what people are like and the uniquely human, rather than rationally robotic, ways that they behave.

All human beings regularly become confused, because we constantly make predictions about the world. Those predictions, designed to protect us, are often not accurate or useful. Our brains seek reliability over volatility, simplicity over complexity, certainty over ambiguity. Our mental models are not well adapted to our reality: our minds are prediction engines, and operating in an unpredictable world is hard for us. But an unpredictable world is all we have, and chaos and speed of change are only increasing. The result is that confusing situations easily trigger our least rational and effective responses. At Talentism, our goal is not to get rid of the confusion, but to use it.

Our unique approach focuses individuals on self-awareness, business goals, and productive action for faster goal achievement. We have high expectations of the leaders we work with, since their actions and ability impact their entire organization. We also understand that it’s hard to succeed in a sustainable way, when you don’t know who you really are. 

Our learning system helps the world’s most ambitious leaders achieve business goals, by systematically unleashing human potential at scale. It’s not about changing who you are. It’s about learning to see yourself clearly and moving forward aware of, rather than in spite of, that understanding.

Our Team

We are a global team of life-long learners with deep experience and expertise. We’re linked by our compulsive curiosity about people and what makes achieving excellence possible.