What’s New About Quiet Quitting?

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Working with thousands of leaders and their organizations, Talentism is deeply familiar with the power dynamics of work. Quiet quitting is the latest in a long line of those power dynamics to spark a frenzy of attention, inspiring thousands of takes in one of three categories: here’s why it’s great!, here’s why it’s horrible!, or here’s how to […]

It’s Just the Culture

Its just the culture

You got five apes in a cage. You got a banana hanging by a string in the middle of the cage; you got some stairs going to the banana. Now pretty soon, one of those apes is going to go for the banana, and as soon as he hits the stairs you take a hose […]

A Different Future of Work

A different future of work

Jacob Morgan over at Forbes has a great write-up about a recent meeting he held with HR and business leaders about The Future of Work . Talentism is about systematically unleashing human potential, and so I read Jacob’s piece with great interest. We have different points of view about some of his findings. Our perspective: The […]

But How Will We Manage?

But how will we manage

My family buys a lot of shoes, and so it is with some level of personal interest that I have been watching Tony Hsieh tilt at the management windmill. I love his purpose and drive: unleashing potential. That’s more important to me than shoes. But it has me wondering about whether we really need to […]

Most Interviews are a Waste of Time: How Hiring Managers Can Improve ROI

Most interviews are a waste of time how hiring managers can improve their roi

The data are clear: it’s easier to win in Vegas than hire the right person. Hiring managers waste an obscene amount of time interviewing the wrong candidates because 1) they don’t know what they need (and not because there’s a dearth of talent) and 2) being human, they succumb to confirmation bias. CEOs everywhere are […]

Finding Greatness

Finding greatness

Whether an organization is recruiting, raising the pay of existing workers, or promoting them to new positions, reliable indicators of current and potential employee value are required to make good business decisions. Despite this, reliable performance assessment methods have remained elusive, miring companies’ success in a bog of uncertain outcomes. This paper delves into the […]

How Pervasive is the Amazon School of Management?

How pervasive is the amazon school of management

A recent article published in the aptly named “Schumpeter” section of the Economist lamented the rise of “Digital Taylorism,” the modern incarnation of a mechanistic management theory from the 1930s.  A primer: [Frederick] Taylor’s appeal lay in his promise that management could be made into a science, and workers into cogs in an industrial machine. […]

Why Recruiting Bets Don’t Pay Off

Why recruiting bets dont pay off

This week, we continue our exploration of the New Business Playbook (NBP), the mental reference guide that today’s business leaders must use to confront today’s business realities in order to achieve their goals. In previous posts, we have discussed how the NBP thinks about vision, strategy, design, and jobs very differently than the Old Business […]

The Disengagement Epidemic

The disengagement epidemic

The recent exposé on Amazon’s culture has provoked a torrent of opinions from the business and media punditry. So far, much of the ire has been directed at a predictable cast of characters: CEO Jeff Bezos for designing a demoralizing culture; maniacal middle management for showing a shameful lack of empathy; bitter ex-employees who couldn’t […]

Make the Most of Talent Markets with Social Proof

Make the most of talent markets with social proof

It’s easy to poke fun at LinkedIn’s Endorsements feature. Nearly all of us have been endorsed for some marginal skill by some kind soul who knows nothing about that skill or our expertise in it (“Thanks, Aunt Gerta, for endorsing me in…enterprise software?”). Even LinkedIn’s highest paid recruiter platform doesn’t support searching for people based on […]