Alison Heisler

Trainer, Coach

Alison coaches senior executives and managers at fast-moving companies to achieve their most meaningful goals. Her coaching client list spans startups to digital blue-chips.

Alison is also a proven sales leader and strategic deal-maker. Her portfolio career, primarily focused in the media industry, includes supporting legacy brands like Fast Company, The Atlantic Monthly, and Vanity Fair to tell their own story and thrive in high-pressure markets. Along the way, she’s developed creative, high-value strategic partnership opportunities with digital natives including Google and Facebook.

Alison holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations from Colgate University, where she captained the Division I women’s lacrosse team.

Alison currently lives in Connecticut, where she and her husband raised four children. Yet, she’s never been afraid to pick up and move with her family to fulfill her sense of curiosity and taste for adventure. She volunteers by coaching military veterans returning to civilian life and mentoring young people from disadvantaged communities preparing for college. Her compulsions include good design and craftsmanship, Indie music, Wordle, hiking, and her decades-long practice of teaching yoga.