Anke Verhees


Anke coaches senior managers to create clarity in confusion, and lead their teams through growth and change. She works with fast-growing startups and scale-ups.

Anke is a people person through and through. Unpacking the human psyche is her passion and she brings a continuous curiosity and open mind to the table. She has spent the past decade supporting clients to thrive by building self-awareness and personal leadership, both personally and professionally. Anke excels at creating safe spaces where clients can explore what is in their way of showing up more fully in their personal and professional lives. She is also the founder of her own business offering life, leadership and couples coaching and in-depth leadership training built on the principles of connection.

Anke holds a master’s degree in Cultural Sciences from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

Based in Arnhem, Anke divides her time between coaching and training, being a kickass mum to her newborn son (and learning much about expectations and reality in the process!), a loving human to her Danish man, friends, and family. She loves both being super social and spending time alone. Her compulsions include decorating places until they feel like home, revealing elephants in the room, and sitting in quiet nooks reading epic fantasy novels.