Connor Wysard


Connor works in Product and supports a range of responsibilities and experiments. He designs around eliminating inefficiencies, creating intuitive and easy to use tools, and focuses on how he can support product systems to unleash people’s potential.

Coming from a background in retail, Connor pivoted to the world of tech and started his journey with Convoy, where he worked in operations before being a founding member of the implementation team. He then moved to Amazon to be a program manager, where he led a hundred million dollar savings project around hiring efficiency, as well as being on the investigation team for Jeff B escalations. Automox was his next adventure as a product operations manager, where he mostly focused on data management and visualization, before joining Talentism as a Chief of Staff, Product.

Connor holds a BA in Communications Design from California State University, Chico.

Connor loves tabletop role playing and board games, learning something new about various histories in the arts, and is always up for trying something new, especially if it’s food related. Based in Austin, Texas, he can safely say Franklin BBQ is absolutely worth the wait. His compulsions include understanding how people work best, building systems to help people achieve excellence, and picking up new hobbies.