Evan Bernache


Evan helps executives realize and maximize their potential, and ultimately achieve their most important goals.

Evan came to see that the biggest challenges and their solutions were human, not technical after spending 12 years in the aerospace and trucking industries, negotiating and managing large-scale, $50M+ projects, and navigating complex matrix organizations and changes. He started his own private transformational coaching practice, where he supports leaders and entrepreneurs through individual and group coaching to achieve fulfillment in work and in life.

Evan holds a M.S. in Fluid Mechanics from CentraleSupelec.

Evan currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic. He is international at heart, backpacked around the world for a year, and has lived in France, the UK, and the US. He is a former national-level swimmer, triathlete, lifeguard, and is a sports mental coach for world class athletes. His compulsions include surpassing oneself, inspiring others, mountains (up and down, hiking, running, biking, skiing), and being a jack-of-all-trades.