Joshua Walsky

Coach, Head of Clarity Works

Joshua is an executive coach at Talentism.

Joshua has spent much of his career enabling Broadway Technology to become a leading provider of high-performance, enterprise-scale financial trading solutions with clients including more than half the top 50 banks in the world. As CTO / Co-founder, he oversaw all business operations regarding engineering, professional services, customer support, and technical sales, along with all product and solution development from definition and design through realization and release. He devoted nearly 20 years to building Broadway’s offering, reputation, and team of 230+ people spanning five continents. Along the way, he also raised $42M in strategic minority funding to accelerate growth, acquired niche competitor Barracuda FX, negotiated the sale of Broadway / Barracuda to ION Group, and remained with ION to lead the post-sale integration process as CTO (ION FX) / President (Barracuda).

Joshua holds an M Eng and two BA degrees from Cornell University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude (Computer Science), Cum Laude (Cognitive Science), and Phi Beta Kappa.

Presently in Austin, Joshua took a winding route through Paris, London, and New York before landing there. He is passionate about finding a better way in all things and approaches problems from a “zoomed-out” systems-level perspective. His compulsions include rejecting assumptions, unearthing root causes, anticipating knock-on effects, smothering complexity, and concocting analogies. His priorities include honing a principled life, leading by example, being a role model for his daughters, and serving as an equal partner to his wife. He’s also an avid fitness junkie, pizza maker, and recreational landscaper whose home is occasionally overrun with foster kittens.