Julie Allen


Julie helps executives and leaders navigate complex, rapidly changing environments by creating clarity amidst confusion. Her coaching is inspired by her natural curiosity about human nature and her genuine desire to help people discover their authentic leadership style as a way to more effectively progress toward their goals.

Julie has over 25 years of corporate experience in numerous roles including agile coaching and training, team building, consulting, software development, business analysis, database design, engineering, real estate, and founding an ed-tech startup. She has worked with both Fortune 500 companies and startups in industries including high tech, banking, telecom, broadcast television, insurance, education, and energy.

Julie holds an MS in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from Stanford University, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University.

Originally from New York, Julie lives in Atlanta. She is an avid tennis player, a salsa dancer, a yogi, a beach lover, and a seasonal digital nomad. Her compulsions include self-development, understanding human behavior, and exploring coaching and somatic modalities that foster transformation.