Louise Doherty


Louise is focused on helping executives navigate confusion and achieve their goals. She is passionate about supporting leaders driven by a vision for a more just, equitable and sustainable world. She coaches AI ethics, safety and for-good leaders, and leaders in high growth industries.

Prior to executive coaching, Louise was CEO and founder of Yoller, a VC-backed AI-powered platform to organize group activities. She raised $1M to build a novel product that won awards from Apple and Google in 140 countries. It was going great, until she burned out. Through rebuilding her nervous system, she came to understand how our breath controls our experience of the world, and became compulsive about sharing this knowledge. As the founder of Executive Breathwork, she helps C-suite leaders to find clarity in business-critical, high stress situations.

Louise spent over a decade as an independent strategic communications consultant for some of the world’s biggest consumer brands before her founder journey. Notably, she led digital strategy for AB InBev’s $25M campaign that increased the UK’s $2.7B beer category sales by 1%.

Louise holds a BA in Broadcast Journalism from Nottingham Trent University.

You can find Louise just outside Paris living in an intentional community alongside a collective of entrepreneurs, academics, technologists and activists, who split their time between reinventing the future and designing dishwashing incentives. Her compulsion for communication in all forms started as captain of her school public speaking and debate teams.