Luna Ridderhof


Luna coaches executives and loves investigating confusion and designing meaningful experiments that help clients gain clarity.

As a company psychologist, Luna worked with a wide range of organizations all over the Netherlands. With her expertise in creating a healthy and productive work environment, she started her own coaching and training firm. Focused on the growth mindset, personal leadership, and team-building, she distinguishes herself with the ability to create a safe learning space wherever she comes. She became part of the founding team of a personal development organization for youngsters and took on the role of program director. Luna helped establish the company as a leading player in a newly defined market.

Luna holds an MSc in Organisational Psychology from Tilburg University.

Based in the Netherlands, you can find Luna strolling along the canals or wandering inside the Van Gogh Museum. Whenever she can she spends her days in France, living in a modern-day Ashram where she passionately cooks meals and learns about meditation. She has compulsions for adventures in nature and singing in her car.