Maria Wade


Maria coaches leaders and teams in Fortune 500 and international organizations, as well as IT start-ups. She supports senior executives in getting clarity and designing environments in which they can thrive, boost their impact, and overcome bumps on their way.

Maria brings over 15 years of experience in senior leadership positions across industries – electric power & natural gas, customs operations, financial services, legal services, private equity & principal investors. She is passionate about leading individuals and organizations through transitions, rooting coaching in the vision of the future state. Leaders who have benefited from Maria’s coaching say that she has helped them explore and deeply understand their own individual context and they always know they will receive honest and ‘to-the-point’ feedback. They note that Maria creates a safe environment for sharing and experimentation.

Maria holds Master’s in Law from the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and Master’s in Business Administration and Diploma in Finance from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration.

Based in Hudson Valley, New York, Maria loves hiking and climbing in solitude. A mom of twins, a wife, a cook, and a vivid reader, her compulsions include being busy looking for easy ways of solving various problems. Maria is enthusiastic and responsive but prefers a deliberate pace that allows ample thinking time.