Michael Newcomer


Michael is a coach at Talentism, who works with founders and leadership teams to help them find clarity and alignment during times of change and disruption.

Michael is an entrepreneur at heart, having started companies in the education, talent, and home services industries. Most recently, Michael has been building a talent consulting business focused on talent advisory and acquisition for high-growth startups. Before that, Michael was Head of Talent for the growth equity, venture capital, quantitative investment, and data teams at one of the ten largest hedge funds.

Michael holds a MS and PhD in Biophysics from Yale University and a BS in Chemistry from Georgetown College where he was valedictorian.

Michael is based in New York, where he enjoys running through central park, going to Knicks games, and walking his dog. Michael is also still involved in the American rugby community even though his body no longer likes him to play. His compulsions include using data to solve human capital problems and hoping Kentucky can make another NCAA tournament run.