Sharon Billings

Coach, Trainer

Sharon serves as both a trainer and a coach with Talentism. She designs and delivers training for management teams so they can achieve their most meaningful goals, Her understanding of organizations and group dynamics accelerates learning to improve business outcomes.

She’s coached leaders at all levels including C-suite execs. Her industry experience includes data analytics, finance, insurance, advertising and retail. She’s served as a trusted business partner to leaders with local and global reach. She has 20+ years experience as a strategic HR leader, executive coach, corporate trainer and organizational development consultant. While her approach is pragmatic, Sharon is driven by considerable optimism for what’s possible. She understands how we learn, what gets in our way, and what’s required for us to move forward.

Sharon holds a Master of Science in Training & Development and a BA in Business Administration.

Fueled by her passion for travel, Sharon lives as a digital nomad. While the North Shore of Boston will always be home in her heart, she can be found somewhere in the world hiking, exploring local culture and connecting with friends… new and old. Her compulsions include wandering and wondering “what else is possible?”

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