Trevor Hunter

Coach, Chief Clarity Officer

Trevor coaches founders and leaders to navigate confusion and create clarity amidst rapidly changing environments. He works with founders at high growth startups and clients across sectors including health care, fintech, proptech, insurtech, retail, and logistics.

Trevor is a curious learner at heart, and is fascinated by how others learn too. He joined Talentism to help develop the IP given his background in science and writing. Growing up in California, Trevor’s first job at the age of 15 was as a Web Developer at a startup. While he was interested in engineering, he was also drawn to history, philosophy, classical studies, and ultimately music composition and science. He began his career in New York City in the music industry, where he served as a Technical Producer then Associate Editor at an online music magazine, where he became curious about musical perception and how human senses translate external signals into experience. This interest developed into a passion for understanding how do humans actually learn, which prompted him to go back to school to study science.

Trevor studied Biochemistry at Chico State University, where he was the top student and earned the Graduate Class Project Research Award. He completed Stanford University’s Organic Chemistry Intensive, and holds a BA in Music Theory and Composition from Santa Clara University.

Based in Chico, California, Trevor enjoys making and listening to music, playing Dungeons & Dragons, watching British panel shows, baking, and hanging out with his dog Finn (aka Fiboigooboi). He is compulsive about pushing past narratives to help others understand their reality.

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