2020 in Review




2020 was a great year for confusion. From pandemics to elections to calls for justice, our community of leaders faced each new wave of confusion with courage and a commitment to turn their confusion into clarity. We were honored to be a part of that commitment, and to watch the many businesses and people we support find their clarity and create success in the midst of challenge. We wanted to end the year by thanking our clients, our community, and sharing 2020’s most shared, most requested Sensemakers. We hope that you all have a safe and healthy holiday season, and that we can continue to be helpful in creating clarity in 2021.

Scroll down to see our top 5 Sensemakers and podcasts of 2020.


1. Principles for Purpose in a Pandemic
Jeff, Talentism’s Founder and CEO, lays out his “Principles for Purpose in a Pandemic” — an inside glimpse at how a leader is helping his team make sense of their new context.

2. Talentism Fundamentals: Confusion
Understanding confusion is vital because it determines whether new experiences are converted into learning or increased fragility. This split, in turn, determines how businesses and individuals unleash (or block) their own potential.

3. Three Essential Principles for Clarity
We’ll be taking a deeper cut on the underlying principles required to create and sustain clarity over time. Seeing what’s true, accepting what’s true, and taking experimental action.

4. A Masterclass In Crisis Leadership
We take a look at a case study of a leader whose application of this in both her actions and communication has led to one of the world’s first victories against COVID-19.

5. The Sticky Bear Problem – STAFF PICK
We tend to not to recognize our own confusion. We underestimate how much hire / fire / promote authority is key to employees’ psychological kingdom. We ignore the power of apophenia. Sticky Bear problems come at a high cost.


1. Jameel Spencer
Fashion and brand innovator Jameel Spencer calls for change, addresses systemic racial injustice, takes us inside the world of working with icons, and shares how coaching unleashes potential.

2. Neil Parikh
The Co-Founder and CSO of Casper, one of the most popular mattress manufacturers. We talk about accepting shortcomings and leaning into strengths, catching frustrations at the root of the logical fallacy, the way safety plays into acceptance, and discovering capabilities that the perfectionist in us wants to hide.

3. Christina Sass
We talk with Christina Sass about experiences with coaching on both sides of the equation, seeking out inherent blind spots in the corporate world, and relating lessons she’s taken from her personal experiences as a founder and activist to the ways we can invest in people and handle growth, both personally and as a nation.

4. Jess Hunt
An experienced entrepreneurial executive who builds and runs high growth businesses. We’ll talk about the emotional tolls of seeking self-awareness, remaining goal-oriented as a guide for seeking that awareness, and finding the difference between incorrect expectations and poorly defined ones.

5. George Arison
We talk to George Arison about his experience growing up in the former USSR, how he stays humble in the face of his success, and how he’s learned from his many mistakes.


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