I Thought I was Helping, But Really I was Judging




Meet Joel Keating. He’s Grindr’s SVP of Engineering & Chief Information Security Officer. He’s joined by his Talentism coach, Gregory Kim.

Together, they describe how paying attention to Joel’s “This Sucks” response can open up the door to curiosity and unlock solutions to big problems at work. But, this only works if the curiosity is genuine. We learn that sometimes Joel can go through the motions: set up a meeting, ask questions, get feedback. But if under those behaviors Joel is actually harboring judgment, it doesn’t unlock anything. 

Greg and Joel have come up with a simple system to avoid the trap of hidden judgments. Joel exposes his expectations. All the time. This act is so simple, but when repeated regularly it has created powerful clarity for Joel and those around him. 

Everyday at Grindr, Joel applies the frameworks he learned through coaching. The problems at work don’t go away, but he is able to move through them with more agency and clarity, making the next challenge that much more manageable.

Listen in and apply Joel’s hard won learnings to your work context. For more on the frameworks Joel references, visit Talentism.com

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