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Renee deangelis
Meet Renee DeAngelis

Renee was introduced to Talentism as she transitioned from her role as CEO of the beloved climbing gym, Planet Granite, to the COO of a newly merged entity of two leading indoor climbing, yoga & fitness centers. The merger was backed by a private equity firm, which brought Talentism in to support leadership and executive team alignment. Overnight the company more than doubled, and two years later, a third climbing gym company joined the group.

Renee had spent 20 years operating intuitively as a leader and manager. While successful in her approach, she was impressed by the quick impact of clarity coaching in helping her to define that intuition using Talentism frameworks. Rather than operating largely by instinct, coaching surfaced in concrete terms how she was helping, or hindering, her team. Coaching enabled Renee to trace how and when her team was getting confused, and how she was contributing to those dynamics – ultimately enabling her and her team to navigate the cultural confusion of bringing together 3 different companies and creating a unified culture under one name.

In addition to the impact that clarity coaching had on Renee as a leader, she found the concept of “compulsions” transformative as an individual. Talentism defines compulsions as the things you care about so deeply, you won’t stop caring regardless of the role you’re in – and you wouldn’t want to. Renee learned that she was compulsive about creating transformative experiences and spending time outdoors hiking and surfing. Through coaching, she recognized that she had to serve both compulsions to show up as the best version of herself (i.e. unleashing potential).

Renee’s clarity coach helped her to design experiments to gather data and drive learning loops: getting more information around how she could best feed her compulsions, bringing her full potential to her role and team, and making her business more effective. The experiments led to pivotal outcomes over time as she moved from a COO to a Chief Culture Officer role – and ultimately, to Talentism.

When Renee was ready to explore new opportunities, Talentism made perfect sense. Having experienced the impact of clarity coaching firsthand, she found deep meaning in Talentism’s purpose of unleashing human potential.

Imagine a world in which Talentism is giving people tools to communicate — imagine the impact on business if more people were to think this way. When you know what you’re compulsive about, that’s what unleashing your potential looks like. People want to be connected to a company and its values. If we can help people learn from each other, and create clarity companies, we are having a tremendous impact.

Now full-time at Talentism as a Senior Executive Coach and member of the Talent team, Renee sees daily how the frameworks are applied internally and to all clients, experiencing the IP in action, and accelerating her own learning.

To learn more about Renee, read her bio here.


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