Then One Day, I Was Just Like my Boss





Meet Meghan Joyce the founder + CEO of Duckbill, an AI-and-human powered answer to tiresome but deeply necessary life admin – think renewing your passport or making appointments with doctors who actually take your insurance.

But MJ wasn’t always “Founder or Bust.” In fact, she has spent most of her career working for pretty iconoclastic founders. First at the ride-sharing app Uber, then at the health insurance provider Oscar. In this episode, MJ vividly describes what it felt like to be baffled or upset by her boss’s behavior. And admits she now sees herself doing some of those same baffling things as founder and CEO! As Joni Mitchell might put it, she’s looked at life from both sides now.

Her executive coach of over 11 years, Libbie Thacker (coach + partner at Talentism), has been with her through all the ups and downs and joins us as well. Listen as MJ brings rare insight into how bosses and employees so often miss each other and what to do about it.

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