Jake Bornstein


Jake works with C-suite executives and fund partners through hypergrowth, pivots, mergers, acquisitions, executive restructurings, and the day-to-day challenges of leadership. He works across a variety of industries, and focuses primarily on fast-growing, complex businesses in technology and finance.

Jake previously co-founded a coaching company, Mandala Consulting, where he helped C-suite executives from innovative companies and nonprofits like the Wikimedia Foundation gain greater clarity through an in-depth understanding of their individual psychology and its impact on their leadership. Prior to becoming a coach, Jake ran a financial access non-profit called Slow Money, where he helped channel $50M+ into local regenerative enterprises, and was an active board member at Re:Vision, an urban renewal and refugee aid organization. Jake started his career as an Investment Associate at the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, where he worked directly with the founder Ray Dalio on special research projects, built trading systems for international currency markets, and advised sovereign wealth and family office clients on their allocation strategies.

Jake holds a BA in International and Public Affairs from Princeton University, where he graduated #1 in the department and minored in Philosophy.

Jake lives with his wife and fluffy dog on the shores of Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. He is compulsive about connecting big ideas across different disciplines, unleashing the unique potential in others, spending time in nature, and nerding out on sci fi/fantasy.

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