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Meet Fabio Salim

Fabio was introduced to Talentism in 2019, when he was invited to receive complimentary Clarity Coaching as a component of the training program for a new cohort of coaches. He immediately saw the appeal in a coaching approach that wasn’t rooted in simply making a client feel better or providing advice, but rather was about how to understand and make sense of the reality he was facing, and how he could actively experiment to accelerate learning. By navigating challenges with curiosity, and investigating how he was contributing to those challenges, Fabio found that he was able to learn quickly about the ways that he was being effective or creating confusion for his team at Gympass.

A few years later, as COO of market analytics firm CB Insights, Fabio and the leadership team were seeking ways to improve the quality of their discussions and team decision-making in a moment of accelerated growth. Remembering his experience with Clarity Coaching, Fabio engaged Talentism for individual executive coaching and group facilitation.

“Talentism helped the company clarify opportunities to better align the understanding and sync on key initiatives that were key for future growth. In particular, I believe this fostered alignment, cohesion and collaboration within the leadership team. The communication and execution among ourselves and our teams became more effective than before. It also helped us surface, discuss and decide more quickly and effectively on other issues.”

On reflection, Fabio found that throughout his career he had been drawn to solving ambiguous and messy problems, gaining an understanding of how people operate, and how different teams and systems fit together. Having experienced Talentism’s methodology firsthand, he wanted to understand the frameworks more deeply – which led him to training as a Clarity Coach himself.

Fabio has seen significant shifts in how he manages and leads since completing the training program. He has found that being more focused on making the implicit, explicit, is a true superpower – and usually opens the door to sync on the why and what of team communication and operations, not only the how. With a newly honed ability to understand and accept his own blind spots and narratives, he is able to more quickly identify how he stands in the way of his own learning and capacity to be effective. Today, Fabio coaches founders and their leadership teams to create alignment and improve their discussion and decision quality.

To learn more about Fabio, read his bio here.


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